How to Manually Switch Quotes Servers

At DAS Inc, we provide low latency market data direct from the exchanges. Because we provide market data directly from the exchanges to the end user, sometimes issues arise on specific quote servers. While you can automatically switch quote servers by clicking File then Switch Quote Server, sometimes you will need to connect to specific quote servers. While we do not disclose our full list of quote servers, you may ask your broker, administrator, our technical support or even your fellow trader for a preferable quote server IP.Here are the steps you need to take to switch quote servers manually:

Step 1

Click Setup in the menu bar, then select Network.

Step 2

Make sure that the top line is selected in the grid. Uncheck the box that says "Auto Balance Quote Server." After that, enter the Quote Server IP that you obtained (in the Quote Server box NOT the Order Server IP box), along with the port. The port is always 9510 unless you received different instructions. Click the "Add" button.

Step 3

Select the new line with the IP address you entered, and then press the "Move Up" button until it is on top. Click the "Commit" button.

Step 4

Click File then Login to relogin and connect to the other quote server.

When you have been notified that quote server issues have been resolved, please follow these steps again to place the Auto Balanced Quote Server connection (the one with a blank Quote1 box) back on top. When you do this, you will be placed on the quote server with the least amount of users on it, instead of the specific one needed to resolve data issues.